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Electrical Appliances

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The Israeli power supply is single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz. Most power sockets in Israel have three pin holes, but many of them will work with double-pin European...


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Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April-October) and generally mild winters (November-March) with somewhat drier, cooler weather in hilly regions, such as Jerusalem...

What to Pack

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Israel is a modern, developed country, and you can purchase virtually anything you need during your stay, including clothing, cosmetics, and hygiene products. If you are...

Israeli Currency

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The State of Israel’s currency is the New Israel Sheqel (NIS) or sheqel for short (pluralized as sheqalim in Hebrew or sheqels in English). There are 100 agorot (agora in...

Emergency Phone Numbers

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For some, the city can be too much. Around 100 tourists each year succumb to Jerusalem Syndrome, a psychiatric condition linked to the city’s atmosphere of...